All events are held at Thorís Hollow Retreat and Campground, unless otherwise stated.

2014 Events


Trillium Gathering
ADF (Druid) Spring Gathering

April 17 - 20

Vanir Fest
An Asatru weekend honoring the Gods of the Vanir

May 15 - 18

A joint Druid and Asatru celebration of Midsummer

June 20 - 22

Camp Idunna
A Pagan and Asatru weekend specifically geared
towards familes

July 18 - 20

Rhythm Fest
A weekend of drumming and dancing

August 15 - 17

Apple Valley Winternights Gathering
A gathering of the Asatruars in the Midatlantic region

October 15 - 19

Winter Wassail
Winter Wassail is a weekend long event bringing the wassailing
traditions of the past into the celebration of modern Heathenry.

Dec 5 - 7